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Richard Buswell is an actor, director and fight choreographer. He holds a BFA in Drama from the University of Oklahoma, and is a member of several arts and training organizations, including the Society of American Fight Directors and Fight Directors Canada, and was a founding member of such organizations as Actors for Actors, the DST Arts Council, and KC Stage Magazine. Richard has appeared in over 100 theatrical productions in his performance career. He has received additional training at various workshops and classes both here and abroad. His stage combat training includes the National Stage Combat Workshop in Las Vegas, Nevada, the International Stage Combat Workshop in Tucson, Arizona, and the Paddy Crean International Stage Combat Workshop in Banff, Canada. He has conducted several introductory workshops on his own for Kansas City area schools and local performing artists.

Richard has trained in Unarmed, Single Rapier, Rapier and Dagger, Broadsword, Quarterstaff, Firearms, Smallsword, Whips, Zulu Stick Fighting, Victorian Cane Fighting, Commedia Lazzi, Fighting for Film, Domestic Violence, Professional Wrestling, Non-traditional Battles, Clowning, Footwork, and Choreography for Opera.

Richard has also studied Basic Stage Movement, Ballet, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance, Acting, Directing, Play Structure and Analysis, and Character Development, which he has put to great use in both his performances and in his teaching techniques.

Richard toured the Renaissance festival circuit for five years with his comedy-swordfighting show, The Naughty Nobles, where he eventually designed and incorporated a flaming sword into the act. Within two years, three films included flaming swords in their fights. While it could just be "coincidence," Richard suspects he inspired the trend.

Richard's approach to stage combat is to emphasize the safety of the performer first, then to give emphasis on realism and style appropriate to the given production.

Choreography for past theatrical productions: King Lear, Carter's Way, The Feast, I Hate Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, Rashomon, Othello, Cyrano de Bergerac, West Side Story, The Venetian Twins, Moon Over Buffalo, and The Naughty Nobles.

His choreography can be seen in feature films like CSA: The Confederate States of America and Rigged (a.k.a. Fight Night), as well as such short films as Punchline, Comic Book Love, Devotion, and Prison of Truth.