Weapon Suppliers

American Fencers Supply (The Armoury)
California-based company with great stage-combat weapons for sale.
Have Guns Will Rent
Kansas City-based company with large stock of weapons for rent. Also make-up supplies, costumes and props. Best prices in town.
Great prices for all Oriental martial arts supplies
Rogue Steel
Excellent resource for stage combat-worthy weapons for sale or rent.

Stunt Supplies

Great prices on all kinds of mats.

Theatre Resources

KC Stage Magazine
The most comprehensive resource for theatre activity in the Kansas City area.

Film Resources

This organization's goal is to showcase and coordinate all film resources in the Kansas City area.
Independent Filmmaker's Coalition
Kansas City resource for filmmakers to network, find people, supplies and advice.

Training and Info

British Academy of Dramatic Combat (BADC)
The longest established stage combat teaching organization in the United Kingdom.
British Academy of Stage & Screen Combat (BASSC)
The other most recognized stage combat teaching organization in the United Kingdom.
Fight Directors Canada (FDC)
Professional Association for Theatrical Combat.
Nordic Stage Fight Society (NSFS)
The umbrella organization for Stage Fight Sweden, Stage Fight Danmark, Ofscen (Norway), and the Estonian Stage Fight Society
Society of American Fight Directors (SAFD)
The most recognized American stage combat training organization.