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"...and they fight!"

Possibly the vaguest stage direction in theatre or cinema and the most underestimated. No more than a footnote in most classical text, these three words have come to be the bane of many a director, actor and most recently professional fight choreographer. Many factors must be considered when crafting the illusion of violence. Style, weapon selection, time constraints, textual restrictions and actor proficiency all play a part in the choreographer's ability to create a fight that is not only to the director's liking, but also believable and entertaining. But, to risk a pun, the proof is in the punch and actions speak louder than words. Now is your chance to see for yourself the true potential of stage combat.

Our Scenes:

(S)he's a Pirate - Swashbuckling at its finest.
The Bound Duel - Two gangs, two knives, one rope.
The Hand - It's alive!
Kung Fu Amazons - A Hong Kong epic
Roly-Poly - Tough guys come in all sizes.
In the Stone - Love and death in the fencing salle.
The Chair - Always make proper seating arrangements.
COOKIE! - SERIOUS attack of the munchies.
The Cleaners - What a mess THEY make!
We Got Rhythm - Making music while fighting.

Arts Tech/Allen Markings Building - 2nd Floor
Downtown Crossroads District
1522 Holmes Street - Kansas City, MO 64108

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Map of performance location

Tickets are $5.00 through the KC Fringe Festival or at the door. No reserved seating. Go to kcfringe.org for show times and directions.

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